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Classical Music: Recital in memory of UstadAlladiya KhansahebBy Screen in 2005

Music compositions in
films are mostly based
on ragas from Indian
classical music. Music
directors select ragas having
relevance to specific moods
inherent in songs which then
create the expected impact and
also impart eternal significance
of film songs.
Indian classical music has
therefore a specific,
indispensable value. While there
are different gharanas in
classical music, the main aim is
to achieve the emotional impact
relevant to ragas. A two-day
music concert as also
presentation of a few stalwarts
through their gramophone
records marked the celebration
of the 150th birth anniversary
of late Alladiya Khan, an
exponent of the Jaipur gharana
in the Indian classical music. A
veteran institution Gayan Samaj
Deval Club having a cultural
legacy of 120 years joined with
the Kolkata-based ITC music
research centre and organized
the programme in which eminent
classical singers participated.
Amit Mukarjee, a disciple of
Shankar Mujumdar belonging to
Amir Khan gayaki presented
raags Yaman Kalyan and Abhogi
with a very serene and duly
cultivated voice. His taans and
boltans created an impact
peculiar to these ragas.
Mr.Mukarjee, who left a secure
government job in the Union
government by sacrificing
promotion to a high
bureaucratic status, dedicated
himself to classical music in
which he is interested since
childhood. As a mature artiste
he is also director and teacher
in the ITC research centre at
Ulhas Kashalkar, a Mumbai-
based classical singer who is
now teaching classical music in
the ITC Research Centre
presented raag Nat-Kedar Kafi-
Kanada and concluded with
Bhairavi. His superb presentation
of notes and varied
combinations, besides a very
appealing creation of beauty
and dexterity relevant to ragas
enthralled the audience. His
expertise in achieving perfection
of sur and laya(notes and
rhythm) - which combination
alone can let the sincere
audience realize the eternal
experience of ecstasy in
classical music - was highly
appreciated by Kolhapur
Shruti Sadolikar, who belongs to
the Jaipur gharana also
presented a few bandishein
(compositions) specially belonging
to Jaipur gayaki. She also
interviewed Azizuddin Khan,
grandson of Alladiya Khan and in
this question-answer interview
the peculiarities of Jaipur
gharana, the way Alladiya Khan
was doing his riyaaz and other
memorable incidents in his life
were disclosed by Mr.Azizuddin
Khan. The recorded recital of
past veteran singers of
Kolhapur revived the good old
days when stalwarts in classical
music nurtured the Jaipur
gayaki which is also known as
Kolhapur gayaki.

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