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Rare opportunity to listen to Gan-Yogini Dhondutai Kulkarni

Rare opportunity to listen to
Gan-Yogini Dhondutai Kulkarni, who will sing in the fond
memory of her Guru Late. Ustad. Azizuddin Khansaheb (Baba). A treat to connoisseur listners of
Jaipur-Atruuli Gharana.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sangeet Samrat Ustad Alladiya Khan Sangeet Mahotsav 2012

Venue: Princess Padmaraje Girls Highschool Ground,New Mahadwar Road,KOLHAPUR.

Date: 20 Jan 2012

Shri. Raghunandan Panshikar
(Jaipur Atrauli Gharana)

Pandit Shivkumar Sharma

Date: 21 Jan

Shri. Omkar Dadarkar
(Gwalior Gharana)

Pandit Atulkumar Upadhye

Date: 22 Jan

Shrimati. Kaushiki Chakravarti
(Patiala Gharana)

Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan

Monday, January 2, 2012

Origional and complete Family Tree of Ustad Alladiya khan

Khwaja Ahmed Khan
2 Sons:
1. Ustad Alladiya Khan
2. Ustad Haidar Khan

1. Ustad Alladiya Khan
3 Sons:
1. Ustad Nasruddin Khan also known as "Badeji"
2. Ustad Badruddin khan also Known as "Manji Khan"
3. Ustad Shamsuddin Khan also known as "Bhurji Khan"

1. Family Of Ustad Nasruddin Khansaheb(Badeji)

1. Nasruddin Khan:
3 Sons:
1. Mohiyuddin Khan
2. Niyazuddin Khan
3. Moinuddin Khan

1. Mohiyuddin Khan
4 Sons:
1. Hamiyuddin Khan
2. Mehrajuddin Khan
1 Son:
Azimuddin Khan(Sonty)
3. Kutoobuddin Khan
4. Nasiruddin Khan
1 Son:
Amaan Khan

2. Niyazuddin Khan
1 Son:
Hafizuddin Khan have
2 Sons:
1. Saifuddin Khan
2. Saami Khan

3. Moinuddin Khan
4 Sons:
1. Jahiruddin Khan
1 Son:
Azhar Khan
2. Rahimuddin Khan
Arbaz Khan (Lucky)
3. Riyazuddin Khan
2 Sons:
1. Wasim Khan
2. Mohsin Khan (Monu)
4. Ayazuddin Khan
1 Son:
Muhommad Misam

2. Family of Ustad Badruddin Khansaheb(Manji Khan)

2. Manji Khan
1 Son:
Moinuddin Khan
7 Sons:
1. Salim Khan
1 Son:
Moinuddin Khan(Shanu)

2. Rafique Khan
2 Sons:
1. Faris Khan
2. Fiyaz Khan

3. Shakil Khan
1 Son:
Suleman Khan

4. Iqbaluddin Khan
2 Sons:
1. Arsalan Khan (Jishan)
2. Ilhan khan

5. Aasif Khan
1 Son:
Salim Khan

6. Nasiruddin Khan
7. Zubair Khan

3. Family Of Ustad Shamsuddin Khansaheb (Bhurji Khan)
1 Son:
Azizuddin Khan (Baba)
6 Sons:
1. Alimuddin Khan

2. Fahimuddin Khan
4 Sons:
1. Shamsuddin Khan
2 Sons:
1. Mohommad Farhan Khan
2. Muhommad Ayaan Khan
2. Warisuddin Khan (Chintu)
1 Son:
Muayyad Khan
3. Badruddin Khan (Tinku)
4. Muzaffarali Khan

3. Nuruddin Khan
2 Sons:
1. Nazarahmed Khan (Aashu)
2. Nabilahmed Khan (Shahrukh)

4. Salimuddin Khan
5. Nizamuddin Khan (Babubhai)
6. Naimuddin Khan
3 Sons:
1. Faizan Khan
2. Murtaza Ali Khan
3. Aziz Khan

[Note: This family tree is origional and complete.Please Dont trust on other wrong family trees of Ustad Alladiya Khan]
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Read "Alladiya Khan My Life" online here.

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Happy New Year 2012.
Now you can read "Sangeet Samrat Alladiya Khan My Life" online here.
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As a performer Alladiya khansaheb won phenomenal acclaim,even in an age when all the major schools oe vocal music had outstanding representatives. His success as a teacher ensured that his style of singing remained a major idiom in North indian vocal music long after his death: the Jaipur-Atrauli style, as this is sometimes called,is still represented by students of his own disciples, and has clearly fared better than many of the musical idioms that were popular in his time. His own career as a singer and teacher spanned several decades. His music was especially prized because of the great learning it manifested, as well as for its traditional and authentic character. Khalifa Badal khan, the well known sarangi player and popularizer of khayal gayaki in Calcutta, is said to have advised his students to listen to Alladiya Khan as the exponent of authentic khayal gayaki. It is probably true that his style was also seen as being exceptionally difficult, and therefore hard to understand, let alone master; but that would probably add to the awe and mystique that his singing seems to have had.
"Sangeet Samrat Ustad Alladiya Khan My Life"
Author: Ustad Azizuddin Khan
Published By: Thema,Calcutta

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ustad Alladiya Khan was born two years before the revolt of 1857

Ustad Alladiya Khan was born two years before the revolt of 1857 and he died shortly before the independence of India. In his long life he withnessed the political and social trasformations that culminated in the emergence of the modern Indian state as a proffesional singer. His life was profoundly influenced by these changes. Born in a family of court musicians,his own career as a performer was fashioned arround pricely and aristocratic patrons. He died having seen a fundamental chanpe in the sturctures of patronage. The period spanning roughly the middle of the nineteenth to the middle of the twentinth century was remarkable in the history of music for a variety of reasons. For one,this is the age when the styles of singing instrumental performance that we are familiar with were fashioned whether we think of the content of musical knowledge,or the social structures that regulated it, it is to this period that we have continually to look. Indian classical music thrives on claims of its extreme antiquity and traditionality; the claims are complex, but it is fairly clear that the kind of music that we are familiar with has a relatively short history.

"Sangeet Samrat Ustad Alladiya Khan My Life"
Author: Ustad Azizuddin Khan
Published By: Thema,Calcutta

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Last Khalifa of Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana Indian Classical Vocalist Ustad Azizuddin Khansaheb(Baba) no more.

The Last Khalifa of Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana
Indian Classical Vocalist Ustad Azizuddin Khansaheb(Baba)[90 years old] died on Tuesday 23 August 2011.[islamic Date: 22 Ramzan] at our House "Allahdiya Mazil,Kolhapur" in the morning at 10.30Am.
"Innalillahe wa inna ilayhi rajiun"
Allah unki magfirat farmaye wa jannat me Aala maqam ata farmaye

Ustad Azizuddin
Khan was born in
Uniara village(District: Tonk) in
Rajasthan on
February 7, 1921.

The family settled in Kolhapur when he
was an infant. His
father, Bhurji Khan,
who died in 1950.
He was also well-
known vocalist
Azizuddin Khan
started singing at age
stopped singing at
the age of 24
because of some medical reasons.
He played important role in the syllabus of Music Department of Shivaji university,Kolhapur
His disciples :
Pandit Mallikarjun
Madhusudan Kanetkar
Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki
Panchakshri Mattikatti
Shruti Sadolikar Katkar

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ustad Alladiya Khan (Gulam Ahmed Khan)Founder Of Jaipur-Atrarauli Gharana

Ustad Alladiya Khan (1855-1946) is the
founder of Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana to which several modern titans belong. Born into
a family of musicians in Uniara
(Rajasthan) he lost his father
early. His uncle Jehangir Khan
taught him dhrupad for 5 years
and khayal for another 8. Until
he was 25 Alladiya Khan learnt
and practised music, occasionally
performing but yet to take it
up as profession. After initial success at Ajaygad court as
singer, Alladiya Khan set off on a concert tour visiting Patna,
Mujaffarpur, Allahabad, Calcutta
and other places with successful
recitals everywhere. His concert at Motihari resulted in an invitation by the king of Nepal,
where the ustad spent two years until he felt homesick.
Even during travel Alladiya Khan
would not neglect music. He
practised hard literally from
dusk to dawn even at 51.
Alladiya Khan enjoyed royal patronage at several
places. He was the court musician of the Kolhapur king Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj,
until the king died in 1922 and later moved to Bombay. At
Amlata, he almost lost his voice due to hours of riyaaz daily. for a couple of years. His voice lost
sweetness and he had to depend on taans.So he adopted a new style which helped him sing without
compromising the purity of raga.

His main disciples were his famous younger brother Haider Khan, Bhaskarbuwa Bakhale and his own sons. Khansaheb
invariably started training with
dhrupad-dhamar and took up khayal only after their voices
stabilized and became tonally
perfect. While the second son Manji Khan died in 1937, the youngest son Bhurji Khan
continued to teach his father’s disciples like Kesarbai Kerkar.
Among the others Mogubai Kurdikar (Kishori Amonkar‘s
mother) learnt from Haider Khan while Mallikarjun Mansur
learnt from Manji Khan and Bhurji Khan. Alladiya Khan,Won The Title Gana Samrat (Emperor Of Music)