Monday, January 2, 2012

Origional and complete Family Tree of Ustad Alladiya khan

Khwaja Ahmed Khan
2 Sons:
1. Ustad Alladiya Khan
2. Ustad Haidar Khan

1. Ustad Alladiya Khan
3 Sons:
1. Ustad Nasruddin Khan also known as "Badeji"
2. Ustad Badruddin khan also Known as "Manji Khan"
3. Ustad Shamsuddin Khan also known as "Bhurji Khan"

1. Family Of Ustad Nasruddin Khansaheb(Badeji)

1. Nasruddin Khan:
3 Sons:
1. Mohiyuddin Khan
2. Niyazuddin Khan
3. Moinuddin Khan

1. Mohiyuddin Khan
4 Sons:
1. Hamiyuddin Khan
2. Mehrajuddin Khan
1 Son:
Azimuddin Khan(Sonty)
3. Kutoobuddin Khan
4. Nasiruddin Khan
1 Son:
Amaan Khan

2. Niyazuddin Khan
1 Son:
Hafizuddin Khan have
2 Sons:
1. Saifuddin Khan
2. Saami Khan

3. Moinuddin Khan
4 Sons:
1. Jahiruddin Khan
1 Son:
Azhar Khan
2. Rahimuddin Khan
Arbaz Khan (Lucky)
3. Riyazuddin Khan
2 Sons:
1. Wasim Khan
2. Mohsin Khan (Monu)
4. Ayazuddin Khan
1 Son:
Muhommad Misam

2. Family of Ustad Badruddin Khansaheb(Manji Khan)

2. Manji Khan
1 Son:
Moinuddin Khan
7 Sons:
1. Salim Khan
1 Son:
Moinuddin Khan(Shanu)

2. Rafique Khan
2 Sons:
1. Faris Khan
2. Fiyaz Khan

3. Shakil Khan
1 Son:
Suleman Khan

4. Iqbaluddin Khan
2 Sons:
1. Arsalan Khan (Jishan)
2. Ilhan khan

5. Aasif Khan
1 Son:
Salim Khan

6. Nasiruddin Khan
7. Zubair Khan

3. Family Of Ustad Shamsuddin Khansaheb (Bhurji Khan)
1 Son:
Azizuddin Khan (Baba)
6 Sons:
1. Alimuddin Khan

2. Fahimuddin Khan
4 Sons:
1. Shamsuddin Khan
2 Sons:
1. Mohommad Farhan Khan
2. Muhommad Ayaan Khan
2. Warisuddin Khan (Chintu)
1 Son:
Muayyad Khan
3. Badruddin Khan (Tinku)
4. Muzaffarali Khan

3. Nuruddin Khan
2 Sons:
1. Nazarahmed Khan (Aashu)
2. Nabilahmed Khan (Shahrukh)

4. Salimuddin Khan
5. Nizamuddin Khan (Babubhai)
6. Naimuddin Khan
3 Sons:
1. Faizan Khan
2. Murtaza Ali Khan
3. Aziz Khan

[Note: This family tree is origional and complete.Please Dont trust on other wrong family trees of Ustad Alladiya Khan]
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vishwas dixit said...

Dear Aashu,
While discussing with Baba once when i was in Kolhapur. He had told me about the linaege of the Gharana starting from Maantol Khan sahib, Wish u could do a little research and post that gharana also. Also a little story about how the Jaipur Maharaja had send troops to invite him to sing in his court etc

Siddharth said...

I really appreciate this blog and family tree. I would like to suggest that you put the tree in the form of a tab spaced list i.e.

Or you can use a software like FreeMind to make a tree like image of it.