Sunday, January 1, 2012

Read "Alladiya Khan My Life" online here.

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Now you can read "Sangeet Samrat Alladiya Khan My Life" online here.
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As a performer Alladiya khansaheb won phenomenal acclaim,even in an age when all the major schools oe vocal music had outstanding representatives. His success as a teacher ensured that his style of singing remained a major idiom in North indian vocal music long after his death: the Jaipur-Atrauli style, as this is sometimes called,is still represented by students of his own disciples, and has clearly fared better than many of the musical idioms that were popular in his time. His own career as a singer and teacher spanned several decades. His music was especially prized because of the great learning it manifested, as well as for its traditional and authentic character. Khalifa Badal khan, the well known sarangi player and popularizer of khayal gayaki in Calcutta, is said to have advised his students to listen to Alladiya Khan as the exponent of authentic khayal gayaki. It is probably true that his style was also seen as being exceptionally difficult, and therefore hard to understand, let alone master; but that would probably add to the awe and mystique that his singing seems to have had.
"Sangeet Samrat Ustad Alladiya Khan My Life"
Author: Ustad Azizuddin Khan
Published By: Thema,Calcutta


Unknown said...

Where can we read 'My Life'? I don't see the link

Unknown said...

Where can we read 'My Life'? I don't see the link..

Kumar Mardur said...

Plz post the link as well. wanna seriously read the book...